The Secret Meaning Behind the Pi Yao Bracelet

Have you ever seen someone wearing a Pi Yao bracelet and wondered what it was?

The Pi Yao is an ancient Chinese mythical creature that brings luck, protection, and wealth to its wearer.

It’s believed to be the ninth son of the dragon, with wings but no legs.

The Secret Meaning Behind the Pi Yao Bracelet

This powerful symbol has been used in jewelry for centuries – but do you know why people wear these bracelets?

What’s the secret meaning behind them?

The Pi Yao bracelet is a powerful symbol of protection and good fortune. It is believed to ward off evil, attract wealth, and bring luck and prosperity. This charm has been used for centuries in Chinese culture as a sign of protection against all forms of negativity.

In this article, I’ll uncover five hidden meanings behind the Pi Yao bracelet.

I’ll also discuss some tips on how to choose one that best suits your needs.

So keep reading if you want to learn more about this mysterious talisman!

The Secret Meaning Behind the Pi Yao Bracelet

The Pi Yao bracelet is a powerful symbol of protection, luck and wealth.

We explore the five secret meanings behind this powerful talisman and how it can benefit your life.

1. Protection

Protection is the act of shielding, guarding, and defending someone or something from harm or danger.

This can include physical protection as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual protection.


Protection comes in many forms and can be found both externally through objects such as a Pi Yao bracelet, or internally through practices such as meditation.

The Pi Yao is said to bring luck and fortune while also providing protection from negative energy and bad luck.

It is believed that this powerful creature wards off evil spirits, disease, accidents and misfortune; making it the perfect accessory for anyone looking to protect themselves from potential dangers in life.

Additionally, it’s said that if you are having trouble with money issues then wearing a Pi Yao will help bring financial success your way!

2. Good Fortune

Good fortune is defined as a desirable or favorable outcome, event, or circumstance. It can also refer to luck, success, and prosperity.

In Chinese culture, the Pi Yao bracelet is said to bring good fortune to its wearer by protecting them from misfortune and bringing wealth and abundance into their lives.

Good Fortune

The Pi Yao is believed to be an especially powerful talisman against negative energy. It’s said that the spirit of the Pi Yao will protect you from bad luck while at the same time attracting positive energies your way.

The bracelet can act as a powerful aid in achieving goals related to wealth and career growth by enhancing motivation and concentration levels.

Additionally, it may help with relationships by inspiring feelings of harmony and balance between people.

The bracelet itself has been crafted throughout the centuries out of jade or other precious stones such as emeralds or rubies.

Its design features two dragons which are believed to represent strength and protection while providing a sense of stability in times of difficulty or change.

By wearing this protective symbol close to you at all times, one can feel more confident in their ability to achieve success through hard work and dedication.

3. Wealth

Wealth is defined as an abundance of valuable possessions or money. It can refer to financial assets, but also encompass physical and spiritual riches.


The Pi Yao bracelet has been imbued with a special meaning for centuries—it is believed to bring wealth and good luck to its wearer.

The Chinese character for the Pi Yao consists of two parts: “Pi”, which means protection, and “Yao”, which means attracting wealth.

This symbolizes the idea that the wearer will be protected from any harm while at the same time becoming wealthy.

Another interpretation of this character is that it refers to gathering resources; in other words, it signifies that one should work hard and accumulate wealth over time rather than seeking instant gratification through gambling or lottery tickets.

The Pi Yao bracelet is said to act as a charm that can help attract money, good fortune, health and longevity into your life if you wear it with intention and faith in its power.

It’s important however not to become overly reliant on external symbols for success but instead focus on developing yourself internally so that you can create your own destiny without relying on luck or superstition alone.

4. Health

Health is defined as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

It encompasses the ability to manage stress, maintain healthy behaviors, and adapt to changing circumstances in life.


The Pi Yao bracelet is believed to have many meanings and symbolism associated with it. One such meaning is related to health and wellness.

This bracelet is said to ward off negative energy while at the same time cleansing both physical and spiritual energies around you.

According to folklore, this bracelet can also restore balance between yin and yang energies which helps promote overall health for the wearer.

Additionally, some people believe that wearing this bracelet will bring luck when it comes to improving health issues or ailments from which they are suffering from at the time.

5. Happiness

Happiness is a state of contentment, joy, or positive well-being. It can be found in small moments throughout our day and can be cultivated through intentional practices such as gratitude, meditation, and self-care.

The Pi Yao bracelet is said to bring good fortune and luck. But it also symbolizes happiness.

The bracelet features an image of the mythical creature known as Pi Yao, which is believed to protect its wearer from negative energy and bring them prosperity.

Wearing this bracelet serves as a reminder to focus on the things that make us happy and enjoy life’s simple pleasures instead of letting negativity take over our lives.

Overall, wearing this bracelet serves as a constant reminder to find joy in the present moment – no matter what challenges you may face – and strive for balance between work and play so you can experience more true happiness in your life each day.


Who should not wear Pi Yao?

Generally, it is advisable to refrain from wearing a Pi Yao if you are under the age of 16 or over the age of 70. The Pixiu is an entity that emits a powerful and potent energy, and the elderly and young may not have the strength and fortitude to contain and control this energy.

Additionally, a Pi Yao is said to bring about fortune, luck, and wealth; it may be too strong for young, developing minds and bodies, as well as those in their twilight years, to handle.

Which hand do you wear a Pi Yao bracelet on?

The Pi Yao bracelet is traditionally worn on the left hand in Chinese culture. This is because the left hand is said to be the “receiving hand,” as the saying goes, “The left is going in, the right is going out.”

Wearing the bracelet on the left hand is thought to help absorb wealth chi (energy) and attract abundance into your life. It is believed that the bracelet will also protect you from bad luck and danger. Therefore, for the most benefit, it is recommended to wear the Pi Yao bracelet on the left hand.

What is the benefit of Pi Yao?

The Pi Yao is believed to bring numerous benefits to its owner, including improved wealth and money luck, enhanced career and business luck, and improved energy levels.

It is believed to be a powerful protector that can guard against bad luck and evil spirits, and it is often used as a talisman to attract wealth, good luck, and success. In addition, the Pi Yao is also thought to bring its owner protection, good luck, and prosperity.

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