What Color Top to Wear with Leopard Print Pants: Tips and Ideas

Leopard print pants are a bold and stylish statement piece that can elevate any outfit. However, choosing the right color top to wear with them can be a challenge. With so many color options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one will complement the leopard print without clashing or overpowering it.

What Color Top to Wear with Leopard Print Pants: Tips and Ideas

Thankfully, there are a few foolproof color options that will always work well with leopard print pants. Black and white are classic choices that will never go out of style. These neutral colors allow the leopard print to be the focal point of the outfit while still providing a sleek and sophisticated look.

For those who want to add a pop of color to their outfit, navy, gray, and tan are great options that complement the warm tones of the leopard print. These muted colors provide a subtle contrast that adds interest to the outfit without overwhelming it. By choosing the right color top to wear with leopard print pants, you can create a chic and stylish look that is sure to turn heads.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are always a safe bet when it comes to pairing them with leopard print pants. They create a classic and timeless look that is perfect for any occasion. Here are some neutral colors that you can wear with leopard print pants:

  • Black: Black is always a great option. It creates a chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for a night out or a formal event.
  • White: White is another classic color that you can never go wrong with. It creates a fresh and clean look that is perfect for a casual day out.
  • Gray: Gray is a versatile color that can be dressed up or down. It creates a subtle and understated look that is perfect for a day in the office.
  • Tan: Tan is a warm and earthy color that pairs well with leopard print. It creates a natural and effortless look that is perfect for a weekend brunch.

When pairing neutral colors with leopard print pants, it’s important to pay attention to the shades. For example, if you’re wearing a black top, make sure it’s a true black and not a faded black or grayish black. This will help create a clean and polished look.

Bold Colors

Leopard print pants are a bold statement piece, so why not pair them with a bold top? Bright, eye-catching colors can make your outfit pop and draw attention to your fabulous sense of style. Here are a few bold color options to consider:

  • Red: A vibrant red top can add a pop of color to your leopard print pants. Just be sure to choose a shade of red that complements your skin tone.
  • Pink: A bright pink top can create a fun, playful look when paired with leopard print pants. Try a hot pink shade for a bold statement or a softer pastel pink for a more subtle look.
  • Orange: An orange top can add warmth and energy to your outfit. Choose a bright orange shade for a bold look or a burnt orange for a more subdued style.
  • Yellow: A sunny yellow top can brighten up your outfit and add a touch of cheerfulness to your day. Try pairing it with leopard print pants for a bold, playful look.

When wearing a bold top with leopard print pants, it’s important to balance out the outfit with neutral accessories and shoes. Opt for black or nude heels and a simple clutch or tote bag to keep the focus on your statement pieces. With the right combination of bold colors and neutral accessories, you can create a chic and stylish outfit that’s sure to turn heads.

Print Mixing

Leopard print pants can be a bold choice, but they also offer a lot of opportunities for print mixing. If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing them with another print for a fun and unique look. Here are some tips for print mixing:

  • Stick to a similar color palette. If your leopard print pants have warm tones, try pairing them with a floral top that also has warm colors.
  • Pair a small print with a larger print. For example, if you have leopard print pants, try pairing them with a striped top.
  • Use a neutral color to anchor the look. If you’re unsure about mixing prints, try pairing your leopard print pants with a black or white top.

Remember, print mixing isn’t for everyone. If you’re not comfortable with it, stick to a solid-color top that complements your leopard print pants.


When it comes to accessorizing leopard print pants, less is often more. The print is bold enough on its own, so it’s best to keep accessories simple and understated. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear simple, dainty jewelry like stud earrings or delicate necklaces.
  • Avoid wearing statement jewelry or bold pieces that compete with the leopard print.
  • Stick to neutral-colored shoes like black, nude, or brown. These colors will complement the leopard print without overpowering it.
  • If you want to add a pop of color, try wearing a bright-colored shoe like red or pink. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is neutral so the shoes don’t clash with the leopard print.
  • Carry a neutral-colored purse or clutch to keep the focus on the leopard print pants.

Remember, the key to accessorizing leopard print pants is to keep it simple and let the print speak for itself. Stick to neutral colors and understated jewelry to create a chic and stylish look.

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